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About Me

I moved to Toronto at a young age many years ago and experienced many obstacles in life that allowed me to accept and challenge myself. It allowed me to cultivate myself as a therapist and support individuals who have had similar experiences.  

Qualifications & Memberships

The Benefits

Code of Ethics & Standards

As a registered member of both Ontario Assoc. of Social Workers & Ontario College of Social Workers means I must comply with a code of ethics & standards.

Covered By Your Insurance

The majority of Insurance providers require a Social Worker to provide counseling and therapy as a registered Social Worker, which I am.

Experienced & Trained Professional

I've received training from established educational institutions & bring 17+ years of clinical experience working in mental health & social service settings.

Their Experience

I am passionate about the things I choose to speak about and it comes across from those who attend my presentations. Here are a few testimonials from the attendees of my most recent presentations.

My Journey

I continue to write and reflect in my blog as a part of my journey. Here are a few blog posts about myself that give insight into who I am and why I’ve chosen to help others. Click on any of the images below to visit that particular blog post.

My Racism Experience

What I learned from my racism experience and how I've been able to overcome it.

cat, mirror, lion

Working Through Your Low Self-Esteem

A great guide of to help you work through low self-esteem

My Mental Health Journey - Talk Therapy With Vera - Blog

My Mental Health Journey

A reflection of the challenges I've been through & had to overcome.

I'm Here To Help.

Reaching out for support is a courageous and admirable step; it’s essential to find a therapist who’s a good fit for you. I support individuals who struggle with the daunting task of “figuring it all out”. I’m prepared to walk you through difficult emotions, challenge you, and celebrate your personal and professional growth. We’ll be a good fit if you are motivated, self-reflective, and ready to get to work with the help of a skilled, non-judgmental, compassionate therapist.