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Therapist Coaching

I am here to help you start, run, and maintain your private practice.

As a Professional Therapist for the past 17 years, I have successfully built a rewarding practice to support my clients. I have learned a lot along the way and want to help others establish their practice. If you want to jump- start your practice and learn from my experience in my 3 month signature #levelup therapist coaching program. Here is what you will get by working with me.

Therapist Coaching

After spending so many years in private practice and building my business, I have learned important lessons which are critical to developing, growing and maintaining a healthy business. I will walk you through the important areas of a private practice business to ensure the foundations of your business are strong.

The components of a business are all consistent across any business regardless of the industry. Thus, I will spend time to continue to support you in all areas of your business and continue to provide support as you need it on your entrepreneurial journey.

MODULE 1 – Business Goals/Foundations 

Topics include: developing goals for your business, building a successful private practice, mindset coaching

MODULE 2 – Sales and Client Management (Your niche) & Operation Procedure

Topics include: developing a niche for your business, setting fee structure/payment system, developing onboarding form, etc.

MODULE 3 – Marketing Strategies

Topics include: Where are you marketing yourself? Create a website to own your online presence. Promote yourself on various platforms such as social media, Psychology Today or other online platforms. 

I spent many years building my business and as a result, I’ve developed a strong network of partners, software and business processes that continue to help me grow my business which I will share with you. You don’t have to do it alone, an important lesson I learned; with that, my practice grew 10X.

Data is crucial to all businesses and helps business owners make better and more informed decisions. We will spend time digging into the data together to help produce insights to continue to make your business more efficient.

As the market continues to change, so do the growth strategies. For example, after COVID, the psychotherapy/counselling business moved almost exclusively online, which meant that all therapists needed to ensure their digital presence was strong and competitive. As a part of discussing growth strategies, I will spend time working with you to understand the unique market context your business operates within and develop a growth strategy with you to ensure you continue to see progress in your business.

Pricing your services efficiently will be critical to the success of your business. However, the prices that may work for your competitors is not necessarily what is right for your business. Therefore, we will evaluate all the factors that go into pricing, create a pricing strategy for your services, and continue to routinely audit your pricing based on the changes in the

The #LEVELUP Outcomes

  1. Start to see success in your private practice
  2. Develop SMART goals and gain confidence in running the business and client sides of your practice
  3. Get the tools and processes you need to continue to maintain and grow your business without fail
  4. Get the right software and partners in place to allow your business to run more efficiently without as much manual intervention
  5. Get more time to provide a better service to your clients because the business side of things is not taking up all your time! 

Therapist Testimonials

Therapists that receive mentorship get value in various ways. I am here to support them to grow their practice. This is why I do what I do! Questions bring more questions, and during my schooling, there was no course on how to start a private practice. 


The 1 on 1 package offers unique advantages and is personalized to the needs of your business. Get started today and see the impact that professional coaching can do to 10X your results. 

1 on 1 Sessions

Connect with me individually to discuss your specific business challenges and get the support you need to #LEVELUP your business.