Talk Therapy With Vera


I spend a little bit of time writing my thoughts and sharing content that I think will be helpful to those that visit my site. I hope you find these content pieces interesting. 

Talk Therapy Blog

What To Expect in Talk Therapy

February 8th – 10 min read

Mental Health Support: Reducing Shame in Asian Communities

August 8th – 10 min read

My Racism Experience

April 25th – 10 min read

Working Through Your Low Self-Esteem

April 1st – 7 min read

How to Manage Your Triggers

July 22nd – 1 min read

My Mental Health Journey

June 22nd – 3 min read

Embracing My Vulnerabilities

June 11th – 1 min read

Why Emotional Intelligence Matters?

June 1st – 2 min read

How Mindfulness Changed My Life?

May 11th – 2 min read

I'm Thankful For...

April 30th – 2 min read

Essential List for Depression & Anxiety

April 22nd – 2 min read

You're Enough

April 16th – 1 min read

Is Your Relationship Falling Apart?

April 8th – 2 min read

We Are In It Together!

April 6th – 1 min read

My Approach

I collaborate and empathize with individuals to help bolster their self-awareness to make positive and goal-directed changes in their life. It enables individual to feel empowered, recognizes their stengths and helps them establish a greater sense of self-compassion.