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April 20th - 2 min read

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Essential List for Depression & Anxiety

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Especially during the COVID-19, more people begin to notice their mental state is affected. I have been working with clients who have depression and anxiety symptoms for numerous years. They don’t necessarily have a diagnosis, but sometimes they don’t know what triggers their symptoms either. Often depression and anxiety go hand in hand together.

Warning signs to watch out for:

  • Do you notice any difficulties in your sleeping pattern?
  • Has your mood been like a roller coaster ride?
  • Do you feel consistent of hopeless and worthless?
  • Are you crying more often than usual?
  • Are you eating less/more?
  • Do you have a lack of concentration/decision making?
  • Are you feeling restlessness, irritability or on edge?
  • Do you have a lack of motivation/interest?
  • Do you notice a decrease in energy?
  • Do you have thoughts of suicide?
  • Do you experience the following physical symptoms: muscle tension, stomach cramps, difficulty in breathing, light headed, or heart palpitation?
  • Do you worry more than usual?

Tips on how to manage your symptoms

  • Exercise – whether it’s walking or follow IG workout accounts
  • Deep breathing – I found YouTube videos helpful as they guide you on how to breathe properly
  • Eat nutritious food – even if you don’t feel like eating, I would suggest having Ensure/Booster shakes
  • Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts – It’s okay to feel this way
  • Do you have friends/family that you can reach out to. If they are not available, then please contact your local crisis support line . (I posted some mental health resources below.)
  • Seek professional support – Family Doctor, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist
  • Journaling – express your feelings and thoughts in writing
  • Schedule an activity every day that you used to enjoy, such as: knitting; arts and crafts; reading
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